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Venice Guided Tours

Private Venice guided tours:  walking tours and excursions to discover Venice in a different, special, and unique way

Our Venice Guided Tours are designed for all travelers.

The See Venice in one day section is designed for visitors who want to relax and still get the most of Venice with one tour. Our tours are conceived to match different requirements. You will discover the most  important Art Treasures of Venice and learn about the history of the Republic of Venice. Your guide will explain how Venice was founded, and howit was built. Which were the events that characterized its historical and political evolution. The genius of the Artists who made Venetian Painting so unique will make your tour a real artistic experience.

If you are not exactly a museum person, you can insteal relax, and explore the city shopping, experiencing culinary tradition, and taking it easy! Choose one of our tours related to all you must do in Venice.

We have also planned  a varied program of private Venice shore excursions for cruise passengers. These tours are ranging from simple to sophisticated, and committed to providing a quality experience with a personal touch. Our shore adventures offer the opportunity to explore the many fascinating aspects of Venice.

Stroll around and through the narrow alleys of the Venice and discover the city with one of our  sustainable tours of Venice ! Are you an unrestrainable shopper? Find out about the most traditional craftsmen workshops in Venice! And how about delighting with the deliciousness of the local cuisine and tasting the excellent local wines? Would you like something relaxing, being comfortably taken around on a boat? Enjoy our tours of the Lagoon and the smaller canals of Venice, or explore the appealing beauty of the Venetian Lagoon on a typical wooden varnished boat. You’ll also find half day or full day excursions to discover the peculiar aspects of the Venetian Countryside with its majestic Palladian Villas and its famous wine routes

We have the in depth knowledge of our City to design excursions and activities which will ensure you information, satisfaction and fun. We operate on your schedule and at your own pace.