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Venice Sustainable Tourism

Venice sustainable tourism aims to contribute to the preservation of the city!

Venice Sustainable Tourism is a complex issue. Among the most controversial matters Venice is currently facing, there is the unsolved problem of how its main economic source, tourism, is causing the city a series of side effects that have reached such a level of criticality to represent the true antithesis of “sustainable tourism”.

Although Venice is commonly one of the most important art cities in the world, a large part of its visitors don’t come to the city to visit its cultural attractions. One cannot fail to acknowledge how the tourism industry has grown in the last few years, so that Venice has become the synonym for “city overwhelmed by tourism”.

Based on recent studies, one of the crucial elements of Venice is that most visitors do not come to the city to discover its historical heritage, but they are attracted exclusively by its peculiar atmosphere and its environment: for the majority of them it’s enough admiring Venice from the outside, perhaps from a gondola or a vaporetto, without taking the time to deepen aspects and places related to her history, art and culture.

Over the years we dedicated ourselves to the promotion of initiatives aimed at the dissemination of Venetian culture, and contributed to the restauration of some Venetian works of art. Having studied in depth subjects related to the international law for the protection of cultural heritage, UNESCO and sustainable tourism, we decided to design some of our tours to  draw attention to responsible tourism in Venice, in order to contribute to the preservation of this unique city .

In 1987 Venice was included on UNESCO World Heritage List  on the basis of all six foreseen criteria. You can find all documents about Venice as World Heritage Site at this link.

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