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See Venice in one day

Full-day Venice Tours to make the most of your visit!

If you’re only in town for a brief trip, there’s still the opportunity to see Venice in one day and visit many of Venice’s most iconic attractions.  Make the most of your time in the city with our 5-hour and 6-hour guided sightseeing tours and boat tours of Venice’s top highlights.

Visit Venice and it’s Lagoon both walking and by boat. See the most famous sights of Venice as well as the undiscovered areas of the city, swinging through the narrow alleys which make Venice so unique. Hop aboard a luxury water taxi for a sightseeing of the most famous islands Murano, Burano and Torcello, enjoying stunning views of the Lagoon’s peculiar natural environment. You will understand  how the Venice people turned barren mudflats into a supreme work of beauty.

Discover the Art and the History of our millenary city, where architecture and mosaic were the earliest forms of Venetian artistic expression. The lagoon island of Torcello was the place where the culture of the mainland came into contact with the Byzantine art, producing the first great art with qualities that can specifically be called Venetian.

Renaissance was a golden age in the long history of Venetian painting: Art criticism has long recognized that colour is the fundamental feature of Venice’s painting. The origins of this colourist vocation in Venetian painting are to be found in the way the arts in these areas developed under the influence of Byzantium, but also in the particular milieu of the city and lagoon, with its soft, shifting shades of light and its play of reflections off swelling tides. There is no denying about the role played by nature in the development of the Venetian style. Your experienced guide will share informative commentaries throughout the tour.

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