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Cinzia qualified tour guide and great guest of Venice Guide and Boat during a tour Luigi on his boat with Rialto bridge in the background for tours with Venice qualified tour guide



Cinzia is a Qualified Tour Guide of Venice, and Luigi is a professional boat driver. They set up Venice Guide and Boat in 2004. The aim was to offer to the visitors of Venice tours with a qualified tour guide and transportation services in Venice.

Luigi and Cinzia lived in the United States for over two years and worked for one year in Epcot Center – Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla.

Venice Guide and Boat  relies also on a team of well-regarded and qualified professionals in the tourist field. Consequently you are assured of reliability and high-quality  services. We can offer you the best tours and boat services  in Venice.

Why should you rely on a Qualified Tour Guide?

Only  Qualified Tourist Guides can, by the law, offer guided tours. Essential requirements to become a Qualified Tour Guide in Venice are a University degree, and the knowledge of two foreign languages. To obtained the qualification, the candidate is examined under the supervision of the local Tourist Department Authorities.

With a Qualified Tourist Guide you  won’t miss the best places of interest, as well as the lesser known sights of Venice. Therefore you will get the real sense of the significance, history and meaning behind what you see.

Most of all, only Qualified Tour Guides are allowed to illustrate inside monuments of  Historical and Artistic value. The expertise of a Tour Guide will make possible to customize your tour which will be tailored according to your own interest: History and Art, shopping, local cuisine, exploring the off-the-beaten-tracks, or even sporting.

Why should you hire only licensed waterborne taxi?

A licensed water taxi driver will appropriately welcome upon your arrival. You’ll be taken  to your hotel through the shortest way, with no waste of time and no surprise on the bill. Only licensed taxis are allowed to ride through all of the canals of the city, and are subject to the control of the City Water Traffic Department.
Water Taxi Licenses are issued by the Town Administration to qualified drivers. They are requested to validate their licence every year,  testing  the efficiency of their boat, and presenting  their insurance policy.
A licensed waterborne taxi will take you at whatever time suits you best to the places that interest you most, at the pace that you choose (traffic regulation and speed limits permitting!). You will enjoy Venice from the right perspective: the waterside!

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