Book private Venice Cruise Port Transfers to reach your hotel in Venice

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Venice Cruise Port Transfers

Book private Venice Cruise Port Transfers from and to Venice cruise terminal.

Our Venice Cruise port transfers are the best services to easily and comfortably reach your hotel in Venice, or Venice International Airport, and any other destination.

The Port of Venice is located in the most western part of Venice. The access to the port is restricted to cruise passengers, and local operators registered in the Port Authorities operators’ list.

When you book Venice Cruise Port transfers, your assistant will meet you upon disembarkation at the terminal where your ship will handle all disembarkation procedures. Once the check-out is completed, you will be taken to the dock and board your water taxi and reach your hotel in Venice (or any other destination). You will find trolleys near the baggage claim area, and  can be taken  up to the water taxi dock. If you have a lot of luggage and would like porters to help you, please ask for the optional porter service upon booking, or directly to your assistant the day of the transfer.

We can’t say how long disembarkation procedure takes. Your boat will be therefore called by the assistant once she/he will meet you, therefore you might have to wait few minutes before the boat arrives. If you don’t want to wait and would like your boat to be ready for you at a precise time, please ask for our special no waiting service, which includes a waiting halt fee.

PLEASE NOTICE: Some hotels in Venice don’t have a  jetty along a canal accessible to water taxi. Other hotels aren’t located by a canal,  so they can’t be reached directly by boat. If this the case of your hotel, your driver will drop you off at the closest possible landing stage.  The assistant will walk you to the hotel and, if needed, the assistant will arrange porter service.

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