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Venice Secret Gardens

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Venice Secret Gardens are more than five hundred, hidden behind the façades of beautiful palaces or surrounded by high walls. Yet this natural heritage of the city is almost completely unknown to most visitors, and even to a certain number of locals. A very different way to see Venice.

First available date: 30 11 2017

Product Description

Venice Secret Gardens  come as a surprise, since the impression you get while walking through the narrow alleys is that Venice is a densely built-up urban centre. While exploring some of the hidden gardens of Venice you’ll learn the history that brought the Venetians to create beautiful gardens in such a peculiar environment.

You will visit the garden of an old Renaissance aristocratic palace, located along the Northern Lagoon, in one of the peaceful corners of Venice, away from the touristy areas. The garden was once the enclosed retreat of “excellent spirits”,  like the famous painter Titian and  the author, poet and satirist Pietro Aretino.

Venice Secret Gardens tour will take you then to see  a suggestive Romantic garden created by a man of great culture, and expert of botanical sciences, recently restored according to the original project. After the visit to the garden you will enjoy a coffee or a drink with fresh pastry.

The third garden included in the tour is today a peaceful park, located in the most western part of Venice, where many old stones remain hidden from the view by a number of different tree species.

This tour can be customized upon request, to include different gardens

DURATION: 3 hours


  • the service of a certified tour guide
  • admissions to the gardens
  • coffee or other drink and fresh pastry

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