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Our suggestion for good restaurants in Venice.

Hostaria al Vecio Bragosso

Seafood, seafood and still sea food.

At Vecio Bragrosso the marvelous product of the sea is shown in thousands of variants always giving it’s best. Delicacies that shape into high level dishes always keeping an eye on the quality.

Everything in a particular context where hospitality marries professional services in a winning fellowship.

Here everything has the taste of the ocean life, from the proposed recipes, to the photographs on the walls and the objects in exposition.

Open hours:
18:00 /23:00


A la Vecia Cavana

In the romantic yet cosmopolitan setting of Venice, Il Sole sulla Vecia Cavana cossets guests in an ambience where spontaneous, unaffected elegance is a constant keynote. A welcoming atmosphere in which to let yourself be seduced by the food, the originality of the recipes and the care with which they are presented. A very special place. A space that speaks to all your senses.

A light cuisine in line with contemporary lifestyles, bringing fusion experiences together with the traditional recipes of the Venetian kitchen, albeit reinterpreted in a modern idiom. Il Sole sulla Vecia Cavana is emblematic of all that is best in cooking today, the empyrean where simplicity meets sensational taste.