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Venice Train Station Transfer

Venice Train Station Transfer: the best way to welcome you to Venice.

If you are coming to Venice by train book our Venice Train Station Transfer to reach your hotel in Venice (or apartment, Bed & Breakfast), or the cruise terminal.

Our professional assistant will meet you at the end of the platform where your train will stop. The assistant will hold a personalized sign with your name and will take you to your private water taxi, docked outside the railway station. You will comfortably reach your lodging Venice, taking your first enjoyable tour along the canals of the city. The boat driver will take care of loading your luggage on the boat.

Our assistant will stay with you during the transfer and, if needed, help you with the check in at the hotel.

PORTER SERVICE: If you would like to have a porter to carry your luggage from the train to the boat please ask for the porter service option. We will arrange for your a porter to collect your bags from the train and load them onto the water taxi.

When booking a Venice Train Station Transfer, please include the following information:
– Train number
– City of departure
– Expected arrival time

PLEASE NOTICE: If you miss your train, or your train is cancelled  you are requested to advise us at least 2 hours prior to the expected arrival time of the train to Venice (the arrival time on your voucher). If we don’t hear from you in time to reschedule your transfer, we will have to consider it a no show.

If your train to Venice is delayed, instead, you don’t need to advise us as we have always updated information on arrival times. There will be no extra charge for the delay.

If you book the transfer we will issue and send you a confirmation  voucher containing our contact numbers and all the detailed information for the transfer.

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