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Venice Intangible Heritage: the Grand Fraternity of St. Roch
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Venice Intangible Heritage

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Venice Intangible Heritage private guided tour to see Venice from a different point of view. Although the glorious Venetian Republic came to the end with Napoleon in 1797, some living expressions of the past Venetian society survived: the existing “Scuole” represent today the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Venice

First available date: 30 11 2017

Product Description

Venice Intangible Heritage private guided tour is about important social and political aspects of the the old Venetian Republic. Among these were the guilds, the great religious and charitable fraternities known as Scuole Grandi.  From the high Middle Ages Venetian used the term “Scuola” to denote several forms of religious society among the laity, which included charity and poor relief among a variety of other religious, econonomic, political and social tasks. Lay fraternities are of considerable interest as their past wealth enabled them to play an important role in the patronage of Venetian artists.

Venice Intangible Heritage tour will take you firstly to see the Scuola Grande di San Rocco founded in 1478. The main seat of the Scuola still preserves  the original decoration: one of the most important italian painting cycles, considered the richest collection of Tintoretto’s paintings. As you enter the Scuola you’ll be amazed by the impact of the fervent, and visionary artistic personality of Tintoretto.

The Scuola Grande dei Carmini was originally a fraternity of women known as the pinzocchere dei Carmini (Carmelite zealots), who carried a scapular (two strips of cloth hung over the shoulder and tied by strings) showing the image of the Virgin.

The fame of this Scuola today lies in the decoration of the upper hall, enriched with nine impressive 18th C. ceiling paintings by Giambattista Tiepolo, the greatest artist of his time.

Both Scuole are still active today and their activities represent the living heritage of Venice.

DURATION: 2 hours


  • the service of a certified tour guide
  • admission to the Scuola Grande di San Rocco
  • admission to the Scuola Grande dei Carmini

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