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Discover Venice Art & History with our expert guide - visit the Doge's Palace to learn about the History of Venice
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Doge’s Palace and Basilica

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Doge’s Palace and Basilica is a two hours guided tour to discuss  politics, government and myths of the old Republic of Venice. How Mark the Evangelist became Venice’s patron saint, and the unique Oriental style of the Byzantine Basilica of Saint Mark.

First available date: 30 11 2017

Product Description

The Doge’s Palace and Basilica private guided tour takes to the most important buildings in Venice. The Doge’s Palace, called by John Ruskin “the central building of the World”, was far more than the official residence of the Doge (or Duke). It was also the home of Venice’s governing councils, and  law courts from the origins to the downfall of the Venetian Republic which came with Napoleon in 1797.

The unique Gothic structure of the Doge’s Palace celebrates the agelong political stability of Venice, governed by a complicated, yet well-balanced system which limited individual power, and prevented factional rivalries.
You’ll be impressed by the multitude of paintings draping the walls, spreading the image of Venice known as the Most Serene Republic, the ideal State whose enduring independence was taken as a sign of divine favor.

The Basilica of St Mark was originally built in 829 to enshrine the relic of the Mark the Evangelist, but the present building dates to 1063.

It was the Doge’s Chapel and the Church of the State for almost 1,000 years. Its walls are embellished with over 86,000 sq ft of glowing mosaics, extraordinary marbles and sculptures. You’ll be amazed at the view of the magnficent Golden Screen encrusted with 2000 precious stones.


DURATION: 2 hours


  • the service of a certified tour guide for 2 hours
  • admission to the Doge’s Palace
  • skip-the-line admission to the Basilica
  • admission to the Pala d’Oro

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