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Safeguarding Venice

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Safeguarding Venice private guided tour is about the protection of Venice cultural heritage. Since 1986 the site “Venice and its Lagoon” was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List,  meeting all the six selection criteria regarding cultural heritage. Today UNESCO is considering to move Venice to the List of the World Heritage in danger.

First available date: 30 11 2017

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In response to the serious damage caused by the November 1966 floods several international committees have been devoted to Safeguarding Venice,  restoring and preserving the priceless and irreplaceable cultural heritage of Venice under the supervision of UNESCO. A large number of monuments, buildings and paintings have been restored since then with the contributions of important committees as well as with that of more common people, yet there is still much to do.

Safeguarding Venice tour begins visiting the church of Santa Maria Formosa, one of the first churches founded in Venice rebuilt in the Renaissance time, to see some paintings which were restored in the past years.

After a walk through the off-the-beaten-paths you will get to Campo dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, dominated by an impressive Renaissance building,  once the seat of the Scuola Grande di San Marco, one of the main lay fraternities of the Republic of Venice. The visit to the Scuola will explain the social and political importance which this guilds had in the past.

Next to the Scuola is the majestic Basilica of Saints John and Paul, one of the most imposing medieval buildings in Venice, where you will have to opportunity to admire the great works of art it contains, including paintings by Giovanni Bellini and Veronese.

This tour focus on the safeguarding of Venetian cultural heritage. You will see monuments and works of art which were restored as well as some that are in urgent need of restoration, and booking this tour you will contribute to the safeguarding of Venice Heritage, as part of the fee will go towards a restauration project.

DURATION: 3 hours


  • the service of a qualified tour guide
  • admission to the church of Santa Maria Formosa
  • admission to the Scuola Grande di San Marco
  • admission to the Basilica of SS  Giovanni e Paolo
  • a contribution to the restoration of a work of art in Venice

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