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Palladio and Venice tour takes to visit San Giorgio Maggiore island
Book Venice Masterpieces tour to discover Venice Renaissance ArtPalladio built the church of San Giorgio and also the beautiful cloister you can admire from the belltowertintoretto_last_supperredentore interniVisit the Redentore church with Venice and Palladio guided tour

Venice and Palladio

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The three main sources of Andrea Palladio‘s style were the architectural theorist of the 1st century B.C. Vitruvius, the classical building of Rome, and mathematics which governed proportions. How were this principles applied to Venice?

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A tour dedicated to architecture: Venice and Palladio.

Palladio built some churches in Venice with white facades:

“Of all the colors, none is more proper for churches than white, since the purity of the color, as of life itself, is particularly satisfying to God”

Andrea Palladio, The four books of Architecture, 1570

San Giorgio Maggiore church floats on its island in icy majesty, surrounded by the brick building of its monastery. It is guarded by its tall beltower, from the top of which you can enjoy a peerles birds-eye-viev of Venice. This church built by Andrea Palladio represented a new solution for Renaissance architecture. A solution to the problem of combining the pediment of a Roman temple with the structure of a Christian church. Venice and Palladio tour starts with the visit to the church, to discuss both the architecture and the beautiful paintings by Tintoretto. You will then get to the top of the belltower to see Venice from the best perspective.

Next to San Giorgio island is the Giudecca, where the main monument is the  church of the Redentore, built by the architect following to a vow made by Venice to Christ the Reedemer and commemorate the end of a plague which ravaged the city in 1576. This is one of  his greatest masterpieces, based on a scheme regulated according to a complicated system of proportions.

DURATION: 2 hours


  • the service of a certified guide
  • daily pass for public boat transportation
  • admission to the belltower of Saint George’s church (lift)
  • admission to the Redentore Church

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