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The Guggenheim collection private guided tour in Venice
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The Guggenheim Collection

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The American art collector Peggy Guggenheim moved into the 18th Century Palazzo Venier dei Leoni in 1949, and she filled it with her art treasures, consisting of a good number of the most representative examples of the major European and American modern art movements of the 19th century.

First available date: 30 11 2017

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Peggy Guggenheim Collection: modern European and American art of early 20th century.

Peggy Guggenheim created a renowned art collection in Europe and America primarily between 1938 and 1946. She began buying Cubist, Abstract and Surrealist art in Europe in the years immediately before World War II.  She took then the collection to New York in 1942 and displayed it in her “Art of this Century” gallery. This became the key inspiration for the Abstract Expressionists like Mark Rothko, David Hare, Clifford Still and Jackson Pollock.

In 1949 Peggy Guggenheim settled in Venice, and bought the unfinished Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, along the Grand Canal. The building was begun in 1749 yet, originally intended as a four-storey palace, it never rose beyond the ground floor. Peggy transferred her entire collection there and since 1951 Peggy’s house and garden were opened to the public.  She lived there for the rest of her life, and exhibited her art collection embracing all the major movements which have transformed the very concept of art. She continued buying contemporary art until her death in December 1979. The garden, which has been replanted as a setting for sculptures by Arp, Moore, Giacometti, Ernst and others, is where Peggy is buried with her beloved dogs.

The light-filled rooms and the incredible masterpieces provide a striking contrast to the Venetian paintings you can see in other museums or in the churches of the city. A visit to the Guggenheim Collection will offer you the opportunity to admire  more than 200 paintings and sculptures, which can here be seen in a unified perspective: Picasso, Brancusi, Dalí, Pollock, Duchamp, Kandinsky, Max Ernst, Mondrian, Magritte, Tanguy, Braque and many other. One of the most coherent surveys of Modernism you can see in Italy.

DURATION: 2 hours


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