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Venice Lagoon Adventure: a private guided tour to discover this unique environment
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Venice Lagoon Adventure


Venice Lagoon Adventure tour to discover the Lagoon in a different way. This tour concentrates on the beauty and harmony of a landscape  unique in the world: the result of a dynamic process which illustrates the interaction between people and their natural environment over time.

First available date: 30 11 2017

Product Description

Discover one of the world’s most unique landscape!

Venice Lagoon Adventure will take you sailing the Lagoon of Venice on a traditional Venetian wooden boat. This is definitely the best way to observe the incomparable environment and the landscape of the Venetian Lagoon. While the boat will steer a tricky course through the maze of reed covered mudflats (the barene), away from the busy canals, you’ll see the peculiar flora and fauna of these fragile wetlands.

Your local guide will tell you how the city was built, and how Venetians, in the past,  dealt with natural phenomena, preventing the lagoon to turn into land, or sea. Furthermore, you’ll get to know why UNESCO proclaimed Venice and it’s Lagoon a World Heritage Site of Outstanding Universal Value, as well as which are the main problems threatening the safegurading of the Venice and its Lagoon today.

In addition, with Venice Lagoon Adventure you will also take a close look at the controversial mobile flood gate system called MoSE  (Experimental Electromechanical Module) which is being built to temporarily isolate the lagoon from the sea and prevent floods.


We will stop by the picturesque island of Burano for a short tour, and to the Certosa island’s Park for a drink, or lunch if requested.

For this tour you can dress comfortably and even bring your bathing suits, if you want.

DURATION: 8 hours


  • the service of a qualified guide
  • the service of a traditional Venetian boat
  • drinks on board

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