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The Islands of the Lagoon

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The Islands of the Lagoon private guided tour is an exciting excursion to enjoy the natural environment of the enchanting Lagoon of Venice, and to discover the origins of glass-making and lace-work.

First available date: 23 07 2024
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Visit the charming Islands of the Lagoon Murano and Burano.

The Islands of the Lagoon tour combines different typical Venetian features. You’ll admire the  beauty of the Lagoon, the unique glass craftsmanship, and the authentic ambience of a fishermen village.

You will meet your guide at the Venice cruise terminal to start a boat ride through the Venetian Lagoon. With a private water taxi you’ll visit the two major islands of the Venetian Lagoon.

Murano is an artistic glass production center famous in the world. In 1291 the Venice government decided to banish all glass factories from Venice city center. The aim was  preventing the risk of fire and industrial espionage. Since then, the glass masters of Murano produced glass masterpieces highly appreciate all the world over.  As a result, in order to satisfy the great demand for Venetian glass, the kilns burned day and night, and the glassmasters were treated with kid gloves. The glass blowers kept up following the evolution of Art, and continued to update the style of their glass production. You will visit a non-tourist glass factory and will have the chance to see glass masters blowing glass, making chandeliers, goblets and other beautiful works of art.

The Islands of the Lagoon tour will continue, and you’ll reach Burano, a cheerful fishermen island. Here every house is painted with bright colors, different from the next houses. It’s like a miniature: small canals, small bridges and small shops, where lace is still made in the old traditional way. The most colorful house in Burano is the House of Giuseppe. Especiall relavant is the local tradition of lace making. In Burano you can browse around the several lace making ateliers, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of this traditional small community, with the sloping bell tower overlooking the island.

DURATION: 4 hours


  • the service of a certified tour guide
  • the service of a private luxury boat for the boat tour

On request, with a small supplement you can spend more time in Burano, and enjoy one of the best fish meal, before returning to the ship.