Venice Guide and Boat

Filming in Venice

Filming in Venice requires local water transportation assistance. Venice is often chosen as the stage for movies, music videos or commercials. The realization of such productions requires often waterborne transport facilities. Venice Guide and Boat has both the experience and the waterage to offer you the support needed.

If you are coming to Venice to produce filming or photography with a small crew (max 6 people) and you will use light equipment which will not condition regular traffic of boats or pedestrian, you won’t need a special permission, yet you are requested to inform the city office in charge of this matter.

If the crew has more than 6 people and/or the crew is using heavy equipment, filming in Venice is to be authorized by the City Council Administration. Venice Guide and Boat can help you to sort all bureaucratic issues.

Venice Guide and Boat can provide all kind of transportation needed to carry on your production, including elegant waterborne taxi to transport stars, special boats to carry around the staff and all their equipment.

We have both the experience and the ideal boats to offer any support to the production.

Our boats appeared in:

Laura Pausini’s video “Vivimi” and in Magnesia San Pellegrino’s TV commercial

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