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Essential Venice

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Essential Venice tour combines all the celebrated sights that belong to any visitor’s to-see list: the Doge’s Palace and the Square of St. Mark, the Basilica, a boat tour through the city and the Lagoon, and the visit to the island of Murano.

First available date: 17 06 2024


Essential Venice private tour offers…the essential!

Essential Venice tour will take you first of all to see the Ducal Palace. Since the early days of the glorious Venetian Republic, the Doge’s Palace was the seat of the government, and the house of the head of State of Venice. Impressive rooms  decorated with allegorical paintings  illustrate the story of the rise, glory and fall of Venice. With this decoration Venetians intended to overawe foreign ambassadors and dignitaries visiting the Palace for diplomatic missions.

While you will cross the celebrated Bridge of Sighs  you will have the same view prisoners had in the past as they were taken to jail. Exploring the “new” Prison of Venice, you will see some of the cells where prisoners were shut in.

After the Palace you will admire the Square of Saint Mark and visit the golden Basilica of St. Mark with its  86,000 square feet of gleaming mosaics. You will see the Golden Screen (Pala d’Oro), a magnificent altarpiece made of golden panels and enamels. Especially relevant are the almost 2,000 precious stones enriching the screen.

The second part of Essential Venice tour is a welcome break from the packed streets of  of Venice, to see the city from the comfort of a private boat. You will realize how  the Lagoon of Venice  is a peculiar environment:  the outcome of a dynamic process  of  interaction between man and nature.

Finally the island of Murano, the center of glass production since 1291. Glass furnaces and craftsmen moved from Venice to the island as a step to prevent fires in Venice. Due to competition, the skill of glass masters grew,  achieving an unequalled fame.

You’ll have the opportunity to visit one of the best known glass factories where the authentic production takes place. There will be time for shopping before returning to Venice,  passing by the ancient glorious Shipyard, and the island of Lido.

DURATION: 5 hours

  • The service of a certified tour guide for 5 hours
  • Admissions to the Doge’s Palace
  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Basilica of St Mark
  • Admissions to the Pala d’Oro (Golden Screen)
  • Private water taxi for the boat tour (1 hour)
  • Visit to Murano glass factory
  • Ride back to Venice

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