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Following the traces of Music in Venice: this private guided tour is about the life of the most famous musician of Venice, Antonio Vivaldi, composer of the Four Season, and the world know Opera House, the Fenice, rebuilt after the disastrous fire of January 29th 1996

First available date: 25 06 2024
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On the traces of music in Venice: Vivaldi and the Fenice Opera House.

A journey through the history of Music in Venice. The tour will take you through the area of the city related to the Venetian celebrated musician Antonio Vivaldi. Your private tour will start with the parish church where Venetian composer of the Four Seasons was baptized.  You will see the copy of the original certificate of baptism of Vivaldi, and the house where he was born. Also, not far away, we’ll take you to the most popular stage for his concerts. Vivaldi directed orphans girls choirs in the chapel of the Ospedale Santa Maria della Pietà, a home for foundlings.

The Pietà, in fact, specialized in the musical training of its female wards. The girls with musical aptitude were assigned to its excellent choir and orchestra. Their much-praised perfomances assisted the institution’s quest for donations and legacies. Here Vivaldi was the chorus-master and violin teacher, and composed some of his greatest concerti. As a result, the fame of these concerts increased so much that attending la Pieta became very fashionable.

Music in Venice tour will take you then to one of the most renowned landmarks in the history of music:  La Fenice Opera House. Superstitious believe that the name  of the theatre was probably fatal!

Built in 1792, Venice Opera House  was destroyed by a fire twice. While the first fire set off in December 1836, the second fire broke out  on January 29th 1996.

After long investigations, which proved how this last fire was set off intentionally, the opera house was completely rebuilt.. The new theater is a perfect replica of the lost one. Our tour will make us retracing the ups and downs of this historical sanctuary of the “bel canto”. We’ll breath the atmosphere of a stage that saw  passionate performances of stars like Maria Callas and Luciano Pavarotti.

DURATION: 2 hours


  • the service of a certified tour guide
  • admission to the Fenice Opera House