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Venice Behind the Scene tour to discover the secret rooms of the Doge’s Palace where the intelligence services handled their activities. Visit the offices of the secret police, and the Lead prison from where Casanova made his spectacular escape in 1755

First available date: 23 07 2024
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Venice Behind the Scene to discover the hidden rooms of the Doge’s Palace and the story of Giacomo Casanova!

Venice Behind the Scene tour takes you through the Secret Itineraries of the Doge’s Palace. This section of the palace coincides with the former headquarter of the Venetian Intelligence. From this place they controlled a network of spies and undercover agents spread right across Europe, and even beyond.

We’ll see the tine wooden ship-shaped offices of the Chancery where all official and secret documents were drown up. Next is the room of the justice department agency linked to the Council of Ten, and the notorious torture chamber where the Lords of the Night “put to the question” their suspects.

By visiting the Piombi (or Leads, so named for the leaded roof covering the cells’ section), you’ll relive Casanova‘s celebrated escape. You’ll see the cell where he was confined (a “comfortable” cell after all). Your guide will tell you how  he could even supply  his fellow prisoner with odd macaroni and cheese.

It will be also an opportunity to admire one of the engineering marvels of Venice: the attic above the Hall of the Grand Council.

The shipwrights of the  Shipyard built there  a vast heavy  floating  ceiling , made of wooden tie beams,  over the below large chamber of the Grand Council. The tour will then reveal how Casanova escaped from the prison.  Continuing the tour experience through the impressive institutional chambers of the Palace, you can admire  the paintings by the greatest Venetian artist  covering all walls and ceilings.>Eventually you’ll cross the Bridge of Sighs and visit the Prison built in 1600.

PLEASE NOTICE: this tour is to be booked at least 15 days prior to the date requested

DURATION: 2 hours



  • the service of a qualified guide
  • admission to the Doge’s Palace and Secret Itineraries